Buddy Riggi


Brady Eldridge


Stacey Rowland


Holli Linck

Realtor by profession, Holli has been a valued member of The Jeep Ranch since the beginning and is proud to be one of the Front Gate Wenches.  In addition to Holli's gate wench duties, she designs most of the marketing material including the Events Calendar, Frequent Rancher Card and the website, as well as assists with overall organization to help make TJR run efficiently.  Holli's Jeep is a 2004 Grand Cherokee aptly named "Gremlin".  Every time something was fixed, something else would happen and she swore there were Gremlins in it.  The name stuck.

Gordon Land

Gordon bought his first Jeep in 2006 and still drives "Baloo" today as his daily driver.  He intended to turn it into a trail rig but just couldn't do it.  That's how "Dozer" came into the picture and has since become a fixture at The Jeep Ranch.  Gordon is a certified professional SCUBA diver and a licensed surveyor in "real life".  TJR is Gordon's happy place and he has been here since the beginning.  He has done everything from trail maintenance to trail guide and an all around volunteer.  He has proven to be an invaluable member of the TJR Staff as a Trail Boss and will help anyone who needs a hand.  Gordon's beautiful wife, Lisa is a gate wench!

Chris Linck

Monday through Friday Chris geeks out in his position as a Systems Administrator but on the weekends he's either playing in his Jeep "Mayday" or fixing whatever he broke the last time he played or fixing whatever he broke on his wife's Jeep.  He is a father of two daughters, CERT trained and a certified SCUBA diver.  Chris is another one of the original TJR crew and has the poison ivy memories to prove it.  Since the early days of TJR he has been guiding people through trails and helping when people get stuck.  Chris is always willing to pitch in where needed, proudly represents TJR  and has more than earned his Trail Boss title.  

Keith Rasmus

Keith is a native of Illinois moving to Florida in 1979 and has lived in Polk County for the past 14 years.  He is a Planning Manager at Disney World and will soon complete 30 years of service to the mouse! He is married to his high school love Julia.  As Julia says “it only took him 35 years to propose”.  Both Keith and Julia enjoy jeeping and have been volunteers at The Jeep Ranch in Wildwood since it opened. Keith bought his first and current Jeep in 2015 which was shortly thereafter named "Lumberjack" due to having to sacrifice a few trees to get out of a mud hole.  It was clear that his new Rubicon was in desperate need of some modifications and the obsession began.


Bottlefed as a baby, Oreo has a sweet temperament and has become an icon at The Jeep Ranch.  His handsome face can be found in many family photos taken at TJR.  He enjoys fresh grass, bananas and strolling around the ranch with his harem of bovine beauties.  Oreo certainly has the life!